Today’s children and youth are tomorrow’s opera audience, and the ability of the art form to survive long-term depends upon our sparking the interest and creative juices of the younger generations with compelling operatic programming.

Sacramento Youth Opera plans to do this in two ways: first by producing and performing operas specially designed to speak to these age groups without overwhelming them.  These productions prove that taking good stories and combining them with emotion-filled singing and quality instrumental music creates a musical-theatrical experience much bigger than the sum of the individual parts.  It’s a fantasy world which helps young people experience their real world at a new level of understanding and emotional connection.

Secondly: what better way is there to build children’s social and intellectual skills then allowing them to make music and play theater?  Opera is not just for adult professionals to perform for young people; it’s also there to be performed by young people.  Under the guidance of operatic and educational professionals, Sacramento Youth Opera will undertake opera productions written for young performers of all levels of ability.  In this “learning by doing” experience, young people find out that opera is not something stuffy and far away, but a fun-filled, musical journey that every child can partake in.

With your help, we can make this vision a reality. Stay tuned for future developments.