Life can be very complicated sometimes, with not enough time or money to do all the things that you and your family would like to do.  Do you like opera and classical vocal music but don’t always have the time to go to a full-length performance downtown?  Do you find the atmosphere in the theater a little “stuffy”?  Do you wish that the opera could come to you?

Sacramento Opera’s Opera on the Go does just that: whether it’s your local mall, your community church or a tailgate party, Opera on the Go brings opera to the most unusual places.  With Arias for Lunch you can enjoy a short concert of beautiful opera arias and duets during your lunch break.  We also tour throughout the Sacramento region with 2-3 person mini-operas, complete with sets and costumes.  You’ll be surprised where opera can show up when you least expect it!

Check back in the future for information about our Opera on the Go programs.