image of a woman speaking with young children about musicSacramento is one of the most culturally diverse places in the United States (Ron Stodghill, 2002 TIME article "Welcome to America's Most Diverse City"); we are also the capital city to “the most innovative state in the nation” (The Daily Beast, 2010) as well as a state with an economy that ranks 9th in the world (Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation in 2012).  Recognizing the context these profound statements represent, the Sacramento Region Performing Arts Alliance has a prominent role to play in our region that extends well beyond the stage and requires connecting with you, our community, in creative ways.

Hearing our professionals perform great operatic and symphonic works live is truly a powerful musical experience that many widely profess to be inspiring, transformative, enlightening, healing, transporting… these are deeply human experiences that everyone can relate to.

Music making is essentially telling stories. The music may be fantastic or fictional, political or whimsical, or perhaps be autobiographical or capture a place in time. Basically we are telling stories that reflect our society and culture, both past and present. Our goal is to provide our community with opportunities to connect with one another in a unique way, different from the printed word, sports, and movies.  We provide vibrant spaces where we can share in a common experience, be enlightened by our differences and similarities, and celebrate our history, traditions and heroes.

Though classical music is rooted in European traditions, throughout its history the music has been inspired, influenced or associated with countries and cultures from around the world.  On many levels, much of our concert programming reflects this diversity within the Sacramento community.

We believe music should be accessible to all, especially to those in need and underserved.  Many of our programs (See the Music, Hear the Art; Musicians on the Move; Guest Artist on the Go) serve our partner organizations including: “Next Move”- Mather Community Campus - transitional housing for the homeless (formerly the Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center), Shriner’s Hospital for Children of Northern California, Sutter Medical Center, W.E.A.V.E., and Loaves and Fishes’ Mustard Seed School. We also particularly emphasize serving Title-1 schools in our surrounding districts.

Classical music is often stigmatized as being elitist and inaccessible, due to its long association of being funded by and performed for the wealthy few. By stripping away any pretentiousness and creating an accessible environment that enables listeners to instinctively take in the experience, most uninitiated people have an immediate positive reaction.  Our organization is keenly aware of this challenge and strives to welcome all.

Our instrumentalists and singers are a model of dedication, self-determination, cooperation, and collaboration; each instrument is distinct and unique in its function, yet the musicians must understand their role in the bigger picture.  This shows how people can work together towards a common goal in the pursuit of excellence with amazing results. 

The Sacramento Region Performing Arts Alliance strives to be a cultural leader, to serve the community in creative ways that make Sacramento a vibrant place for all to live and raise a family.  As Music Director Michael Morgan aptly puts it, we are an ideal “community building mechanism”.